Craft Concepting

The Ask

Provide merchandising solutions that showcase the core products from Elmer’s brand and encourage creativity during key time periods


The Solution

Create a destination to serve as a one stop shop for crafting needs; convenient for shoppers to navigate and inspiring for the upcoming crafting occasions and holidays

Craft Workshoppe


The first idea, The Craft Workshoppe came easily. It clearly lends itself to Christmas, but could easily be decorated and adjusted to fit the looks for Halloween and Thanksgiving as well. 



The second idea, Craftopia was more challenging. There were six to eight of us in a room working on this. Craft corner…cave… knook… place… City, Craft-opolis, and nothing seemed to inspire the destination we were looking for. And then Craftopia came to me and as soon as I said it aloud the room lit up and the proverbial popcorn of ideas for what Craftopia could be began. 


End Cap Tight sketches

Renders by our incredible illustrator, Vitaliy, based on my initial sketches.


Craft Workshoppe Logo

Developed by the team to be able to flex to different seasons through interchangeable lug-ons.


Craftopia Logo

Designed to be an overarching destination that could potentially be evergrean and carry through any and all seasons and holidays.